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Bespoke blockchain solutions

We design and produce complete, tailor-made blockchain solutions.

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One-stop shop for your needs

We will be your reliable partner in doing business on the blockchain.

For investors

Fundamental project analysis & investment opportunities

We assess the potential, risks, competition, advantages and drawbacks of a project.

Examples of our blockchain solutions

Establishment of a business organization on the blockchain


  • Access to the global market.
  • 24/7 access to accounting records.
  • Anonymity and low entry barriers.
Digital tokens exchangeable for physical goods


  • Primary and secondary sales of goods become easier and cheaper.
  • Access to a new global market.
  • Access to new customer-related data.
Authenticity certificates (e.g. for tickets to events)


  • Sales of counterfeits are effectively ruled out.
  • Double sales are effectively ruled out.
  • Issuer/producer earns proceeds from secondary sales.

Our story

We are graduates of law and business schools who further developed their expertise at leading advisory firms.  During our time there, we familiarized ourselves with the inner workings of the traditional world of business and finance.

At the same time, we’ve kept our eyes on the dramatic evolution taking place in the world of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.  We were excited from the get-go and spent a lot of time exploring.  While Stanislav has been doing so from the vantage point of his original field – attorney work and advisory services, Petr has felt compelled to change tack and venture into algorithmic cryptocurrency trading.

Later, we saw how businesses tried to put the revolutionary blockchain technology to good use in legacy solutions.  We were acutely aware of the shortcomings in the way it was presented to investors and other audiences without a background in technology.  Many sought to gain an understanding of the blockchain without taking into account the specific features that set it apart.  We realized that there is a dire need for services which capitalize on blockchain opportunities and provide guidance in the fast-changing world of cryptocurrencies.

We believe that in a few years from now, almost all of us will be using blockchain technology – quite possibly without even noticing.  The blockchain has the potential to unlock new possibilities for businesses and consumers alike.  We want to offer a service that allows established businesses, investors, and blockchain projects to connect the traditional world with that of the blockchain – and thanks to our expertise and our excellent contacts, we have what it takes to do so.

In providing consulting and advisory services, we closely collaborate with international (U.S. and UK) and domestic partners who are the cream of the crop in their respective fields.

Stanislav Šimek

Petr Hotovec

Other team members

Klemen Peternel

Klemen, CEO of Slovenia-based IT company Kalmia (our partner), helps us to create blockchain solutions for corporate clients.

Václav Pavlín

Václav is a blockchain app developer.  He has been at home in software engineering for the past 20 years, and helps us with the technical side of things.


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