We loathe the phrase: "That's impossible". We help you identify unorthodox business solutions that make use of new technologies.

For companies

Bespoke blockchain solutions

We design and produce complete, tailor-made blockchain solutions for corporate clients.

  • Once we understand your business, we conceive of a solution which will boost its efficiency – or help you become a trailblazer in your industry.
  • Our team unites blockchain experts and traditional advisors who collaborate to find a workable solution tailored to your wants and needs.
  • Working with leading experts in the market, we deliver a ready-to-use solution. At the same time, we always maintain the standards of professionalism of traditional advisory firms.

For project founders

Document production

Leave writing tasks to journalists, consultants, and lawyers.

  • We draw up the entire documentation for your project.
  • The whitepaper will be enjoyable to read, accurate, and convincing.
  • We produce a pitchdeck whose quality is comparable to that of leading consulting companies.

Legal and tax advisory services in collaboration with partner offices in Europe and North America

We will be your rock in unchartered legal waters.

  • We design a suitable corporate structure (e.g. by putting together a ready-to-use cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund).
  • We walk you through the possibilities with respect to token issuance and project financing.
  • We draft Terms of Use and NFT licenses for you.

Strategic consulting

We will be your reliable partner in doing business on the blockchain.

  • We help determine a strategy for your project – one that ticks all the boxes in legal, tax, technological, and commercial terms.
  • We keep you posted on changes and news in the market, and provide you with proposals how to respond to them.
  • We are by your side to resolve crisis situations.

For investors

Fundamental project analysis

We perform an expert assessment of the project of your choice.

  • We analyze the market.
  • We assess the potential, risks, competition, advantages and drawbacks, compared to similar projects.
  • We provide a forecast for the future position of the project in the market.
  • We perform a comprehensive executive-level review so you can make your investment decision – based on the kind of supporting documentation you are accustomed to on the stock market.

Training and consultation

We speak your language.

  • We bring you up to speed as to how cryptocurrencies and the blockchain work. No jargon, no unintelligible acronyms.
  • We point you to investment opportunities in the areas of cryptocurrencies, decentralized finances, and cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds.